Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only support with the planning of weddings & events based in Cumbria?

Not at all. I will work with clients who are based in different parts of the UK, as I love to travel! Cumbria is a pretty large place, so I am used to driving. I live in the North of Cumbria, right on the Scottish border, with easy access to the M6. So please do get in touch to discuss how I can help you.

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a venue/event coordinator?

A wedding planning and a venue coordinator are two different roles. While it is true that a venue coordinator and wedding planner will have some cross over, there is still a huge added value to having both, so that you have two professionals working together.

A wedding planner is your go-to person for every detail of your wedding day and resolves issues that fall outside of the venue. This includes elements such as budget, wedding stationery, hair and make-up arrangements, flowers, decorations/props, wedding cake, transport, guest list management, seating plan and so on. The venue coordinator is responsible for issues relating to the venue specifically. For example, ensuring that the venue bar is fully stocked, and staff are briefed about when the reception drinks are to be served to guests.

Do you only work with certain venues and suppliers?

No, I work with many different fabulous venues and suppliers. As Cumbria is so vast geographically, it is important to have that wide range of trusted businesses to work with, all offering different and unique service. If you have a venue in mind, or want to use preferred suppliers, that is of course absolutely fine, as long as you’re comfortable that I may not have had any prior experience with them. This is your day, and your decisions!

Will I still feel in control if I have a wedding planner? I am worried that the planner will take over.

Yes, you absolutely will still feel in control. I want you to love the wedding planning process and be as involved as you want to be, depending on your time constraints. I am here to offer you advice, guidance and suggestions as and when you ask for it. I am here to listen to all of your ideas and desires, work alongside you, and help turn your dreams into a reality. If a suggestion isn’t possible, or will be difficult to do, I will be honest about that. Ultimately, the day is about you and what you want, and I am here to help make it happen and ensure you enjoy the process along the way.

How will I know who the right wedding planner is for me and my wedding?

Hiring a wedding planner is a very personal decision. When you first meet with your wedding planner, you should come away feeling confident that they have listened to your ideas and desires and understood what your dream wedding will be. Your wedding planner is likely to spend the next few months (or even years!) talking to you on a regular basis, therefore it's important that rapport with one another is there.

Are you able to assist with pre and post-wedding events?

Absolutely I can! Pre-wedding events can build on the excitement and a post celebration can make it last just that little bit longer! Cumbria and the Lake District has an array of gorgeous restaurants and fun activities to keep you and your guests entertained.

Will you be at my wedding?

The majority of my services include on the day co-ordination or set up/design support. My job is to ensure you can relax, enjoy your day, and to be on hand to help everything run smoothly and deal with any unexpected hiccups should they arise.

How many weddings do you plan per year?

The number of weddings I plan or support at any given time will vary depending on the complexity of the weddings and the services clients decide to opt for. I ensure that I give each wedding the same love and attention, and would not accept a job that I was unable to give that to.

Can you get discounts through using a wedding planner?

My main aim for you is to ensure that you get good value and quality with everything that is supplied to you. The lowest cost option may not always deliver this. I support couples to look at their budget, and provide the best options to fit within that. Often the higher-end companies don’t discount, as they are priced reasonably to what they are worth. However, through the research that I do, I may find or already have options that you wouldn’t have access to, which may be better value, saving you money that way.

I don’t know what style I want my wedding to be, can you help?

One of the most common worries couples have is that they don’t know where to start when it comes to the style for their wedding. Always remember, the day should be about a reflection of your relationship, embracing your personalities and style. I can of course help you to identify and express this.

Do you support smaller weddings?

Yes, I do. I can support and work with all sizes of weddings. Small and intimate weddings, as well as larger scale ones.

How will you dress for my wedding?

I will be wearing smart, professional attire. To a degree I want to blend in with your guests, but will be identifiable with my name badge.

What can I expect from our first consultation?

Your free initial consultation will generally take an hour at a convenient location for you or over the phone or skype. The consultation is a chance for me to get to know you and determine how I can help you with your wedding or event. I will complete an initial consultation document, and devise a proposal from this, bespoke to your needs and wants.

How do I book you?

Following our initial consultation, if you are happy with the proposal and would like to book me, I will then send you our contract which will need to be signed. A 50% deposit will be required to secure your date, and then we can start working together from there and the fun can begin!

When should I book a wedding planner?

It does depend on what service you are looking for. If you want support with the whole planning process from start to finish, ideally, you would book shortly after you’ve got engaged. This way, I can help with your wedding journey right from the beginning and save you the stress from the start.

You may decide that you want to plan and design everything yourself, but need to hand over your to do list for on the day. We would then need to meet 3 -4 weeks before to ensure all of the logistics are covered.

However, at the end of the day, it’s never too late to ask for some help! So, if at any point in the planning process you feel you need support I’ll be there!

Which meetings will you attend with me?

I can attend as many or as little as you would like. This can include support finding ‘the’ dress, venue/site/supplier meetings, food tasting and wedding cake consultations! Each proposal is unique to each couple, so it will be customised and tailored to suit your requirements.

How much do you charge?

I don’t provide set packages, as each wedding is different and every couple have their own requests and requirements, so the slightly frustrating answer is that it really depends on what services you would like. However, to give you an idea of what to expect, the minimum fee is specified for each service which can be found within the ‘Wedding’ website page.

How often will we be in touch?

It depends which of my services you decide to go for, but there is no limit on emails or phone communication as long as it is within working hours. I will always aim to get back to you within 24 hours, unless I am on holiday and my out of office is on.

If you opt for my full planning service, we will have a lot of communication at the beginning. Things will then quieten down the months in between when the majority of suppliers have been secured. We will however check in with each other, and you can get my advice at any point with elements that come to mind and when you need that independent second opinion. Six weeks before, we would pick back up again with more correspondence as everything will start to be pulled together.

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