COVID-19 and your wedding: Keep positive and stay calm

Sunday, 19th April 2020

Keep positive and stay calm. Working together and community spirit is really key during the current situation with COVID-19. Sometimes we have to accept the things we can’t change, and focus on those that we can, which will give us back some empowerment.

I wanted to share some of my ‘top tips’ to help you; if you have had to postpone your wedding already, are considering postponing your wedding, or concerned that you may be forced to re arrange due to Government legislation. I emphasise postpone… please hold on to the fact that it will happen, it just might be on a different date.

1. At the forefront of any conversation with your other half, keep as your positive focus, that ultimately a wedding is about your marriage, about you as a couple who want to spend the rest of your lives together, and that is the most important thing.

2. If you have wedding insurance, contact them and see how their cover can support you. Read through your policy and refer to every section. There may be advice specifically in relation to change in Government policies or infectious conditions. Seek any legal advice you may need.

3. Gather all your supplier information together in one document, so it is easily accessed in one place. You will be able to see what stage you are at with each one in terms of deposits paid, what is still due, and additional information you need to provide.

4. Keep communication with your venue and suppliers open. Be guided by them, and they will be able to give you alternative options in terms of dates later on in the year or next year if required.

5. Read all supplier contracts and ask if they have contingencies in place. For example, if you need to change the date, or what will happen if they fall ill and can't provide their service. Please be reassured that within the wedding industry, people have a network of trusted and reliable suppliers, and can often recommend another supplier to support or step in.

6. Have open and honest conversations about the situation with your guests. Explore alternatives for those who may not be able to come, so they are still included in your big day. This could include live video streaming or hiring a videographer.

7. Know the facts. There can be mis-information online, so be sure to take your advice and guidance from the NHS & UK Government websites, which will be up to date.

8. If you go ahead with your wedding, what would you be willing to change if you need to? It might be a smaller wedding if some people are unable to come.

9. Have a contingency plan for if your wedding does need to be re arranged. For example, you could have a smaller wedding ceremony, then have a larger reception at a later date. Could you reduce size to comply with potential gathering limitations? You might not need a plan b, but it could give you piece of mind if you did have one ready.

10. If you have a wedding planner, use them! Get their help! This is part of our job, to help when there is a change in plan, a challenge to overcome, or to support with a plan b. We can help you with the coordination of contacting suppliers, altering plans, putting a plan in place to ensure that your wedding day is a safe event for everyone.

It is challenging to plan for something quite like this, that is changing on a day to day basis, but we can plan for change… so try and sit tight, take care of each other, keep talking and be kind.

I am a wedding planner based in Carlisle, Cumbria. If anyone would like to talk through any of the above with me, please do give me a call or send me an email:

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