Your Day, Your Way!

Sunday, 1st September 2019

A lot of my lovely couples often ask me, ‘do we have to do it like that?’ or ‘is it OK to do it like this?’.

So I wanted to write a blog post about ‘your day, your way’, emphasising to couples that it is OK to do whatever you want to do! It’s your day and it should reflect both of your personalities, interests and personal style. Don’t feel guilty about wanting to do something different.

Some elements of your wedding, you will need to adhere to, such as the legally binding parts! That is important! However, there are many traditions when it comes to weddings that can be regarded as ‘not really us’. This is completely fine. I love it when people do things differently, ensuring that the day is a true reflection of them… which is what it is all about.

If the bride wants to do the speech instead of the groom, go for it! 

Your top table can be made up of anyone you like from your wedding party, it doesn’t have to be the traditional line up of parents, best man and maid of honour. I am seeing an increasing number of couples opting for a more intimate top table for just the two of them, allowing them some time to take five, take a breath and take it all in!

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, it’s OK not to have a wedding cake and opt for something savoury instead, such as a cake made from cheese. Mmmm cheese! 

Not into the three-course wedding breakfast? Try out the popular sharing platters and have a tapas style feast instead! Incorporate a relaxed and fun dessert station to finish with, so people can help themselves to what they like as the evening parties on!

Your wedding day is a huge mix of emotions for many different reasons. Every wedding is unique, every couple have their own story, and how you tell it is up to you. I encourage people to embrace this. 

There is a wealth of choice now when it comes to where you get married, what type of food you eat, the music and entertainment you have, you can literally choose to have whatever you want. 

People are pushing the boundaries more and more, they want something different, something that hasn’t been done before, and they want their guests to enjoy their day as much as them!

There are a lot more ‘dry hire’ venues popping up now as opposed to your ‘traditional’ wedding venue where you pick your package and then you don’t have to worry about all the logistics of bringing your wedding day together. The caterers are in place, toilets, electric, furniture…

A lot of people now want the freedom and flexibility to bring in their own ‘dream team’ of suppliers and decorate the venue exactly how they want, as now they have that blank canvas to play with, get creative and explore! 

Sarah X

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