Let's talk Dessert!

Sunday, 24th November 2019

I have a real sweet tooth! I love love love desserts! When I go out for a meal, I always make sure I leave room for pudding!

If I have over indulged on the main, and feel generous, I will share one with my other half… but only if he’s lucky! There is something special about a desert, a piece of cake, something sweet to get the taste buds tingling and make the eyes widen!

This summer, I have noticed a bit of a fabulous trend going on when it comes to weddings and dessert. People have opted out of having just the one sweet to be placed in front of their guests (trio if you’re lucky) and are going all out with a desert station to delight their mouth-watering guests!

Some couples choose a decadent selection of their favourite sweet treats from their desired bakery, often displaying them teasingly around their wedding cake. Others have made the experience more interactive for their guests and created a bake off! Loved ones will put their heart and soul into master pieces ready to be devoured, then graded, with the lucky winner being announced and often rewarded with a bottle of bubbly! The best part for me is when I’m invited to join in!

I do love this idea, as you get to try more than one bit! No more food envy as you sly eye the person’s sitting next to you, wishing you had opted for theirs! Guests can come and go, continuing the feast throughout the evening, grazing till their hearts content, giving them that much needed sugar rush to carry on the party and strut their stuff on the dance floor!

If you are also wanting to soften any of the formalities of the day, this will definitely do the trick! It’s a very relaxed and fun way to engage with all your favourite people.

Finally, desserts also look rather gorgeous! They make for a real statement, an amazing photo opportunity, and a focus of excited conversation as people discuss which one’s they will try first!

They are also very versatile in how you present them so they complement your overall theme, style and design of your wedding day. For example, you can make them rustic looking with homemade tarts presented on tree stump stands. If you are aiming for a more vintage design, you can create a Persian tea station. Alternatively, if you are creating a more glamorous style, beautiful French macarons in your chosen wedding colour palette look just divine.

I’m definitely a big fan of this yummy wedding trend and I really hope it is here to stay for at least another season!

Sarah X

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